Photo and Video Contest Results

Sincere thanks to everyone who submitted a photograph or video to the “I am Lithuanian – Proud to Be Lithuanian” Contest sponsored by the Lithuanian-Canadian Community (LCC)  to mark its 60th anniversary. The submitted photographs and videos depict strong feelings of pride and posed difficult decisions for the judges. The LCC Sub-Committee for Culture comprised of Daiva Jaugelytė-Zatkovic (Montreal), Aušra Karikienė (Toronto), Aida Labaniauskienė (Edmonton) and Rūta Kličienė ( Ottawa) judged the competition and allocated the awards.

Winners – Photographs

“Amžinas Lietuvis”  (First Place)
Antanas Mickus, Montrealis
“Lietuvos Diena” (Second Place)
Adrija Čygaitė, Torontas
“Kanados Lietuvaitė” (Honourable Mention)
Livija Čygaitė, Torontas
“Šokėjos” (Honourable Mention)
Andris Batraks, Torontas

Winners – Video Clips

“I’m Proud to be Lithuanian”  (First Place)
Kristina Pabedinskaitė, Torontas
“Mes Mylim Lietuvą” (Second Place)
Otavos Lituanistinė Mokykla “Vyturėlis”

“Aš Esu Lietuvis” (Honourable Mention)
Kanados Lietuvių Jaunimo Sąjunga

“As Esu Lietuvis 2” (Honourable Mention)
Kanados Lietuvių Jaunimo Sąjunga

Special thanks to Aida Valevičiūte who prepared the video below showcasing all of the entries and award winners. We hope you enjoy these examples of Lithuanian pride and congratulations to all of the winners!