Lithuania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs awards Canada’s Lithuanians the Lithuanian Diplomacy Star

To finish off a year of celebration in Canada commemorating the 100th  anniversary of Lithuania’s proclamation of independence, the Lithuanian Canadian Community, together with the Embassy of Lithuania in Canada, organized a concert on December 2 at Toronto’s Glenn Gould Studio. The invited guests included Toronto’s Consular Corps, leaders from the Estonian, Latvian, Ukrainian and Polish communities as well as Canadian and allied military representatives and the past presidents of the LCC. During the concert, Julijus Rakitskis, chargé d’affaires, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to Canada, awarded Canada’s Lithuanians with the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry “Lithuanian Diplomacy Star”. He thanked us for 65 years of representing Lithuania’s interests and Canada’s not recognizing the illegal occupation of Lithuania by the Soviets. He also made note of the fact that Canada’s Lithuanians raised $1 million for the purchase of a building in Brussels to house the Lithuanian embassy. The medal was accepted by the past and current presidents of the LCC.

Past LCC presidents: Algis Pacevičius, Gabija Petrauskienė, Vytautas Bireta, Rūta Žilinskienė, Algirdas Vaičiūnas, Joana Kuraitė-Lasienė and current president Kazimieras Deksnys. (Juozas Krištolaitis was unable to attend and sadly, Eugenijus Čuplinskas passed away 2 weeks ago.)